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to a New Perspective


You are
an executive
or an aspiring one.


There comes a point in every executive’s professional life when they need to step into something new, whether it is a different context, larger responsibilities, changing culture or an entirely new role.

It is about you:

  • Making strategic decisions that are right for you

  • Taking action in your professional career

  • Being creative, analytical, and inventive   

a Coaching Relationship?

I work closely with you to

  • Give voice to your experience

  • Shine new light on your ressources and perspectives

  • Unfold and challenge your ideas

So you can go to the next level with joy and energy.

À propos
Ines Mortreuil Rogic

Ines Mortreuil Rogic

My Approach

My coaching is inspired by “animato” – a musical indication for “playing with the soul, in an animated or lively manner”. It comes from my long musical education that irrigated all of my international academic and professional background.

Thus, it became obvious that building a highly rational and logical structure as well as a spontaneous creative movement needs this breathing element in order to actually unfold into life. Music has that unifying power, and coaching does too.


Play with the Soul,
in a animated and lively manner

How We Can
Work Together


Defined first as professional, each coaching relationship is costumized. We jointly establish the scope of the coaching, with your needs, objectives and expectations, and translate them into numbers : of sessions, weeks or months and in terms of pricing. This frame set, the coaching starts and its form evolves as you breath through your sessions.

Analytical and intuitive, creatively structured. This bespoke combination works beautifully in exploring options, contexts, ressources as well as talents, while the simplicity of the trusted relationship naturally harmonizes with safety, confidentiality and professional rigour.    

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